COVID-19 Update for School Services

What does COVID-19 mean for our school services?

As you are aware, the NSW Government has issued a new directive on physical distancing on public transport. We expect these changes will affect our customers including our students and we wanted to outline what steps we are taking to implement these changes.

All of our public route services will now have a total customer limit of 24 people (and 46 people on our double deckers). Available seating will be identified by a large green circle decal that says ‘sit here’. However we can confirm that this limit will not apply to school students and priority will be given to them where possible. We are still bound to ensure no child is left behind.

We can also reaffirm that our dedicated school buses have no changes in regards to social distancing or capacity limits.

Please note that our drivers have been instructed to allow customers to board to this limit, with exceptions made for students and vulnerable customers, but they are not expected to enforce this measure.

In line with Government instruction, we also encourage people to avoid peak hour travel, allow additional travel time or make alternative travel arrangements if possible. Similarly, we ask that parents also consider alternative transport options for their children to ensure they are not impacted by these changes.

We do expect that some of our bus services will also be impacted by an increase in general traffic due to these measures and ask for your understanding if this occurs.

We have also have a number of other precautionary measures in place including:

  • Continued intense cleaning regime – our bus fleet, interchanges and depots continue to receive increased deep cleaning and sanitisation to minimise the spread of germs.
  • Cashless services – All of our current services are now cashless and accessible via Opal or contactless payment only. This is to remove the issue of cash-handling between customers and drivers.
  • Masks and other personal protection equipment for drivers – All our frontline employees have access to masks if they wish to wear them. They are also equipped with hand sanitiser and disinfectant spray to help sanitise their driver’s cabin area before and after shifts. Any employees displaying flu-like symptoms will be sent home immediately.
  • Personal hygiene posters on board – these are displayed throughout buses encouraging passengers to maintain a good level of personal hygiene.

Like you, we are committed to adapting to this new normal and continue to work closely with Transport for NSW for the latest advice and we will continue to follow their guidance as changes occur.

In turn, we will also encourage our customers to always use appropriate social distancing and hygiene practices when travelling on public transport.

Be assured, your students safety and wellbeing is paramount and we are doing everything possible to support our community and our employees.

If you have any concerns during this time, please do not hesitate to contact our School Engagement Team on  or by phone (02) 8700 0555.


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