Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is central to Transdev

As a public transport provider, we can help our customers and clients to reduce their carbon footprint by leaving their car at home and travelling by bus.

We work hard to reduce our own impact on our environment, and have implemented various local and national initiatives including:

  • Launching the first eco-depot at South Granville in 2012, which offers a multitude of environmental benefits, including; 
    -    Reducing dead running by 100,000kms per annum
    -    On-site storm management, i.e.: rainwater harvesting tanks with 100,000 and 160,000 litre capacity tanks;
  • Training our bus operators in fuel efficient driving techniques, called Eco-Drive;
  • Maintaining our fleet to ensure fuel efficiency; and
  • Minimising use of energy and paper in our depots and offices.

Did you know?

We have implemented a toner collection system to recycle old toners and keep them out of landfill