August 18, 2016


Dear Students, Parents/Guardians and Schools,


> Opal, the only way to travel between home and school!

With the retirement of paper tickets on 1 August, we would like to remind all students that they can only travel on our buses with an Opal card:

- The School Opal card is only valid for approved travel on school days between your home and school within restricted hours, on the mode(s) specified in the original application;

- For travel outside of School or if ineligible for a School Opal card, students should use a Child/Youth Opal card, with sufficient balance on it for the intended travel.


> Tap on and off, every time to validate your trip

At the start of each trip, tap on by placing your Opal card on an Opal card reader located at the entrance of the bus; at the end of the trip, tap off by placing your Opal card on an Opal reader again.

Opal card holders must always tap on and off for each transport mode used during their journey.


> No tap on and off, no bus services

Although some might have a free pass, all students must tap on and tap off, so we understand customer travel patterns and can adjust the services provided if necessary.

If students don’t tap on and off, services may be cancelled due to the lack of recorded patronage, or redirected to other schools where the demand is higher.


Any lost, stolen, faulty or damaged Opal cards must be reported online immediately.

While waiting for a replacement card, students must use a Child/Youth Opal card to travel.


> Visit or call 131 500 to:

- Access Opal School or Opal Child/Youth eligibility criteria,

- Apply for an Opal card,

- Register a Child/Youth Opal card, view balance or top-up credit,

- Update a student profile if details have changed (e.g.: school, home address),

- Report a lost/stolen, faulty or damaged Opal card,

- Order a replacement Opal card.

Alternative contacts:

National Relay Service (NRS) 133 677 – for deaf, hearing or speech impaired customers;

Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS) 131 450 – for non-English Speaker or call 131 500 and ask for an interpreter.


The assistance of all Students, Parents/Guardians and Schools help us ensure we are able to provide the appropriate level of service to students.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 


The Transdev Team